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Waverunner Bait Boat remote controlled baitboats for fishing.

Waverunner bait boat
On the ordering side a perfect delivery, ordered on Monday and I was out testing it on Tuesday night.
Well gob smacked the wave runner bait boat is a beast itís massive, well what should I expect for a boat that carries a payload of officially 2.5 kg but I found that it was more like 3kg.
Found the boat to be highly manovable even though it is a large boat not fast but very accurate thanks to the waverunner being a 6 channel radio control and that the propulsion motors work independently of each other giving pin point control. I took the boat on a lake on a rough day it was raining and the water was choppy in parts the waverunner did not mind I think thanks to its trimarang hull
The hopper system is very innovative using an electro magnetic locking mechanism that can operate ether of the two hoppers independently. You can drop one load at one swim then motor off to another swim and bait that with the other hopper this is something I could not do with other boats I have used in the past.
The rig release system has full independent solenoid control for two separate rigs to be towed out and can be released at the same time or as with the hopper system at two different locations.
all the bait delivery systems have high vis LED indication of when bait or rigs have been deployed.
The remote control was easy to use but you do have to make sure that you switch on the remote first before you switch on the boat, this did confuse me as you have to do the reverse procedure when powering down or the boat will not sync with all itís functionality, a phone call to Grandslam the manufacturer soon sorted this out.
I didnít test the headlight system in the darkest of conditions but they were very visible in low light , rear lights were also bright. I worked the boat for two hours and the batteries were still going so you can presume that this boat will match 2 hour running time given by the manufacturer.
In summary I have seen other boats with this type of spec costing £1200 and the waverunner at £499.00 does offer spectacular value for money. The only draw back with the boat is its size but if you use a car to get to your swim this wonít be a problem
Date Added: 05/17/2007 by tony smith