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Bait-Tech Special 'G' Gold Groundbait 1kg

Imagine a fishmeal so good, so potently effective that even wary hard to catch fish couldnt resist it. Well thats exactly what GPS90 is and SpecialG Gold is packed full of it. The super soluble properties of GPS90 means the area of water surrounding your rig, or feeder, are saturated with attraction. Combine this with the other top quality fishmeals, ground pellets and attractants used SpecialG has forged a reputation as the ultimate fish catcher. Suitable for Method feeder fishing, mixing into a paste, balling in, bait dust, even a stick mix..its uses are endless!

  • Golden colour just add water
  • Makes a perfect paste
  • Use neat or try mixing 50/50 with ENVY

This product was added to our catalog on Monday 09 May, 2011.