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Concentrated Corn Steep Liquor (CSL) Pellets 1kg

Our pellet is made from carefully ground 100% CSL meal which only contains the steeped ground maize, concentrated corn steep liquor and betain, packed with essential aminos, vitamins & minerals. Our tank tests have proven that these pellets help to condition fish which may have suffered stress or damage, the long term benefits have to be seen to be believed. No other binder is used. Unlike some other hybrid pellets which can contain other products to bind the pellet.

SBS Corn Steep pellets bubble and fizz when immersed in water this initial action creates a visual signal for the carp to home into and as they immediately start to break down Corn steep liquor quickly starts to leak out into the surrounding water, after 10 -20 minutes the pellet will have completely broken down, leaving a bed of soft particles which are highly nutritious and completely digestible plus a haze of Corn Steep liquor. Searching carp will soon create a blizzard of CSL particles as they search the bottom for the tantalising food signals triggering and stimulating a feeding situation.

CSL pellets offer a valid easily digested food source, and once the carp have started to take CSL they almost ignore many other forms of attraction, only feeding on and around the areas created by the bed of CSL pellets and dispersing CSL liquid. I have watched cruising carp drop down onto a bed of CSL and start to screen immediately. If you set your traps well CSL will definitely bank more fish. Although SBS Corn Steep pellets, do not need any addition to their awesome attraction qualities.

Tip: Dissolve a handful of CSL Pellets in the water you use to make up your method mixes.

  • Model: SBS237/241/245
  • Manufactured by: sbs baits

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